Englischunterricht im Theater

“Hamlet” on stage

On 20 January 2020 the Year 12 English Course taught by Ms. Urban went to the theatre in Halberstadt to watch the play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare. We had talked about the play in our English lessons, so seeing it in the theatre helped us to better understand the drama. The play was a modernized version of the original one. Although it contained all the important aspects of Shakespeare’s play, there were also some differences, like Hamlet being female instead of male.

The actors were quite good but they were still hard to understand. On the one hand because of Shakespeare’s language and on the other because of several things happening on stage at the same time.
The music was too loud and the air wasn’t pleasant either, due to the fog machine being used too heavily and the actors smoking on stage in the play at times.
But all in all the play was entertaining and also funny and it really helped to understand the story.

written by Gina Blenke FGW18